3:00 AM

Last night I've waked up at 3 AM wondering what time is it ?
Where and who the hell am I ??
I felt so lost
Like a Desperate soul that couldn't find the way for the light !
And to be honest I still feel the same in till now
It's been a while since I felt that kind of emotions
But it came again in that night so strongly and I couldn't fight it
I felt so small and weak .. like there's no point of living
And what's behind us is equal for what's in front of us .
I felt like life won't get any better !
And sooner or later I'll lose the ability to sleep with relieve mind
But strangely
None of this have got me any closer ..
To life , or to Me !
So I decided to sleep as long as I can
But in till now .. I still think about that strong feeling that got into me ..
That huge desire for crying !!
But even though ..
 I couldn't cry !!



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