عرض المشاركات من يوليو, 2014

Nothing really matter

Depressing but sweet .. That kind of pain that you would like to talk about , but at the same time you'd hate it when somebody mention it , the one that keeps you searching for sympathy intel you find it .. And when you do , you feel so much worse ! 
Like Aiming for a fake goal that you don't really want to hit .
Pretending that you've tried your best when you actually didn't move a step farther than the place you were at . 
The sadness that leads us to a colder place and the tears that we never cried cause we know .. THIS OUR FAULT !
(This my fault).
I'm not proud nor okay 
And god know how gray the world looks like in our eyes .
And i know -from this point of grief- Nothing will really matter 
(Nothing really matter) .