عرض المشاركات من يناير, 2014

a long road

in that moment .. I wished if I could take a long long way back to home 
the problem is not in home , neither the place I'm running away from .. 
I just wished if this road never ends 
and this peaceful moment can grow to happiness 
the weather was beautiful 
the wind made everything dance slowly on the music of the air 
I couldn't stop smiling 
like a sailor had finally find his way out of a terrible storm 
everything was going smoothly by the bland of the wind 
and suddenly every step have become longer than the other 
cause the peace I found in that road was priceless 

you know that kind of feeling when you get out of a place so depressed and sad ? 
you feel like there's nothing going to make you happy 
but in strange way .. you find that lost happiness in the simplest things 
like a really long way to home !! 

by the way .. I thought about you though . 
I really think that the beginning for this surprising joy .. was you ♥