the silent devil ..!

The myth said
There's a woman with a long black hair , they said she was so beautiful and no one can resist her charm
In the moment the man fall in her love .. he start to lose his  blood drop by drop  
Tell he died .. they say she start to suck his blood from his eyes
And they say that he give her his blood while he sleep as a sacrifice for his love
However .. day by day the people got so scared of her , so they decided to cut their eyes so they don't fall in her love .. but after they cut it down the eyes have walked tell it got to her home .. after she eat it she couldn't speak !
So she killed all the people in the village and at the end she suicide .. then the people outside the village called her "the silent devil" and they called the village "eye blood"
And tell this day people never enter it .. they say if they went in their eyes will be taken !!          


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